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About Jenni Home Cooking

Jenni home cooking is a private culinary service in Randolph, Mass, that bring some of the unique flavors, aromas, and authentic taste of Montserrat Caribbean cuisines to the Boston community. If you reside in Randolph, and would like to try something unique and different from what you eat at home and the local Restaurants in your area, order something from, that is the main purpose of the website.

It's not hard to find Caribbean restaurants, diners, and food catering services in Boston, but if you want a taste of the Emerald Isle, Jenni home cooking is the real thing. All dishes are prepared daily with fresh produce and a medley of aromatic Caribbean herbs and spices to create a palatable and healthy dish.

Website Description

Jenni home cooking is not a public Restaurant, or Diner, It is a home based small business operating on the web. Explore the site to learn more, It features an easy to use navigation interface, a search engine Input for finding things online, links to the daily menu, food showcase, and other resources.

Ordering Information

There are two ways you can order Jenni home cooked Caribbean cuisines If you live in Randolph, Mass. You can order items from the foods showcase by special request, they are not part of the daily menu, so all orders must be placed 24 hours in advance to be fulfilled

The main menu features the dish of the day exclusively, so what you see on the daily menu is what's cooking and available for lunch and dinner, only one meal a day is prepared. (OPAP) is the business operating model, which means, order, pay, and, pickup. The kitchen is open from 12 to 6 pm and I do not make deliveries, so all orders must be picked up within that timeframe.

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