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The Caribbean is well known and famous for its tropical beauty, warm hospitality, music, and cultural diversity, but did you know that home-cooked Caribbean food ranks with the finest international cuisines in the world?

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Cook From The Caribbean

Well, you can prove it now! Sample a taste of authentic home-cooked Caribbean food from Jenni home cooking in Randolph, Mass, and experience the unique aromatic flavors of fresh organic herbs and spices in a hot and spicy dish from a home-schooled, qualified Caribbean cook in Boston.

Caribbean Stew Meat

Lunch Dinner Menu

The kitchen is open from Monday to Saturday, so if you're ready for an unforgettable treat, choose from the menu of palatable Caribbean cuisine for lunch or dinner and enjoy the taste of food from Montserrat. Lunch and dinner are meticulously prepared and served hot in a takeout container.


Caribbean Food Kitchen

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